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Poised, Intentional & Irresistible Resumes

Are you ready for your next career move? 

Do you want to break free from the competition?

If you’re like most people, the thought of writing your cover letter and resumes feels like an overwhelming task.  There are many considerations: what to include, design, colours, keywords, ATS software, and formatting.

 Together, through my award-winning method, I will dig deep and mine through your achievements to create a carefully compressed resume that stands out from the crowd while showcasing your value.  Think of your resume as the front and back pages of a novel, with the intent to have the reader invite you for an interview (aka buy the book).  

My goal is to produce an unforgettable resume where your value is crystal clear. 

My approach is customized and personal.  Each client receives a uniquely designed and written resume that showcases their push-the-envelope achievements, ability to inspire teams, and vision by infusing energy and clarity through focused statements and design elements.

Most of my clients find me through word-of-mouth referrals and I am consistently recognized for delivering a personalized service that results in a resume that secures interviews.

I am highly analytical and leverage my investigative skills with the ability to ask the right questions so that I can script your career story in a compelling way.

Each uniquely designed and written resume is created by myself, a 4x Certified resume writer, and the recipient of two esteemed industry awards and two nominations.

  • Achievement Matrix – To target your new cover letter and resume, I will create you an achievement matrix to draw out your experiences.  This is a valuable exercise as it will ensure that your resume is results-focused.  The achievement matrix will also help you to develop your job interview signature stories to showcase the value that you bring.
  • Design – You will be provided with ATS compatible resume designs to choose from.
  • ATS Software Technology – Many companies use software to scan resumes for keywords.  I use ATS software as part of the process and will infuse your cover letter and resume with the relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Turnaround Time for the first draft – 10 business days from when the completed achievement matrix is returned.
  • Revisions – Within 14 days of the first draft, you can request up to two revisions.

Price Range Guide – All are subject to a quote and the below is a price range.

Entry-Level – $75 to $155

Experienced Professional – $155 to $210

Senior Level – $210+

Are you ready to get started? 

Please send me an email and provide the following:

  1. In the subject line of the email, indicate QUOTE, so that I can get to you quickly.
  2. Your old resume.
  3. Advise if you have a specific deadline and provide the date
  4. If you have a specific job posting in mind, please send a web URL link from the target employer’s website.
  • I will provide you with a quote within a few hours.
  • Email –