Regular Service

Cover Letter & Resume Service

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  • Achievement Matrix – To target your new cover letter and resume, I will create you an achievement matrix to draw out your experiences.  This is a valuable exercise as it will ensure that your resume is results-focused.  The achievement matrix will also help you to develop your job interview signature stories to showcase the value that you bring.
  • Design – You will be provided with ATS compatible resume designs to choose from.
  • ATS Software Technology – Many companies use software to scan resumes for keywords.  I use ATS software as part of the process and will infuse your cover letter and resume with the relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Turnaround Time for the first draft – 7 business days from when the completed achievement matrix is returned.
  • Revisions – Within 14 days of the first draft, you can request up to two revisions.

Are you ready to get started? 

Please send me an email and provide the following:

  1. In the subject line of the email, indicate QUOTE, so that I can get to you quickly.
  2. Your old resume.
  3. Advise if you have a specific deadline and provide the date
  4. If you have a specific job posting in mind, please send a web URL link from the target employer’s website.
  • I will provide you with a quote within a few hours.
  • Email –